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posted on 20/2/6/Thu

Jump Send Amazon, which is now part of the Jungle Scout research software suite, is an excellent tool for those who would like to launch products online. Although its name change from Jump Send to Launch, it’s still one of the best launch-complementing products online. In this short Jump send review, we are going to look a bit closer.

What is Jump Send?

Jump Send is a two-feature application, which serves as a tool to help you launch your product on Amazon. It’s a marketplace and an email automaton, capable of improving the overall performance of your products by providing you a tool to offer discounts to real discount-hunting Amazon shoppers, and a tool to keep in touch with your customers and ask them to leave feedback.

Jump Send Features

Jump Send - Launch has two significant features:

  1. A database of registered, active Amazon shoppers
  2. Email automation - autoresponder software solution.

Both features are utterly crucial for newly launched products since there is a circle leading to more or fewer sales. How is that? Well, if you launch a product and your first customers won’t leave a review (statistically, those who had problems with a product, or didn’t like it, are more likely to review - and rate it 1-star), you are going to stuck in a loop, as without sales volume, you can’t get higher ranks, without higher ranks you can’t increase sales, and without sales, you can’t accumulate reviews, and so you won’t be able to get better ranks. Hopefully, you understand what we’re talking about. On the other end, the recipe is simple: more sales = more reviews = higher ranks = more sales = higher ranks = more reviews… so on.

The registered Jump Send shoppers are more likely to buy your item during launch if you offer them a coupon code, and they usually leave feedback too. With over 100,00 users, Jump Send - Launch provides an excellent boost for your new products.

The email-related feature is your one-stop software to gather feedback for your product, while you also have the chance to increase sales with promotions - for Launch users only.

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How to use Jump Send?

The first way to use Jump Send Amazon is to help the launch of your product:

  1. Let’s assume you’ve done your research, you found your dream product, and it has real potential. To launch it properly, you create your listing, and you register at Jungle Scout to have access to launch.
  2. After you log in, you have to create another “listing” on the Jump Send/Launch Amazon marketplace.
  3. If you calculate with only 0,1% conversion, out of the 100.000 users at launch, you have 100 buyers, and if 10 of them leave feedback, you are on the winning track.

Then, there is the email tool, which you can connect to your Amazon Seller Central account, and use it automate your Amazon emails.

There are three types of email you have to think of:

  1. Purchase Confirmation and “Thank you” letter
  2. Follow-up email
  3. “Please rate your product” email


When Amazon changed the review-ratings rules in 2017, a lot of sellers closed their business, because it became “illegal” to directly offer discounts and deals for reviews. Fortunately, launch and sites like JumpSend are all compliant with Amazon rules so that you can use them safely. Since now Jump Send is only the place where shoppers can register to get some hot deals, you have to go to Jungle Scout for the actual sellers’ product Jump Send was. In case you manage to set up excellent JumpSend deals, the success you seek comes to a step closer!


Is there a free trial?

Due to the fact, the old Jump Send is now part of the software suite provided by Jungle Scout; there is a 7-day trial that covers launch too. Although one week is not a long time, it’s enough to get familiar with the software.

Can I register my account on the Jump Send website?

Yes and no. As a shopper, you can use the Jump Send the official site to register. However, if you plan to join as a seller, then you must go to Jungle Scout and register at that place.

How do I cancel my account?

You have to log in, go to the Settings menu, and find the Subscription Information section and click on Cancel. In case you bought an annual subscription, you have to contact the customer service via email.

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