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Are you having difficulty in finding the perfect item to sell on Amazon? Or do you want to buy a product from Amazon which is either out of stock or is too expensive? Well, Keepa is the answer to all your problems. Whether you are a seller or buyer on Amazon, keepa amazon offers something for everyone.

It is one of the most used Amazon tools for keeping an eye on price drops and tracking products. it works on all the sites of Amazon such as Spain, France, and the UK, etc. What’s more, it offers several languages including English, Italian, and German.

If you want to know what this tool offers and how to use keepa, keep on reading the article.

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What is Keepa?

Keepa is a great tool for people who are either selling or buying on Amazon. For buyers, it offers a price drop feature through which they can get notifications whenever the price of their favorite product drops so that they can buy it at the cheapest price. Not to mention, it shows the best deal every day.

On the other hand, sellers can use this tool to see detailed product trends and price history charts. They can also monitor their competitors through this tool and set prices of their items accordingly to gain the advantage. IO Scout is a great alternative to Keepa, their Amazon Sales Estimator tool is completely free.

Keepa is available as keepa chrome extension or keepa plugin for other browsers such as Opera, Firefox, etc.

Keepa Pricing

Keepa offers various features all of which were once available for free. Some of these can still be used without any cost, however, if you want to use more advanced features such as best seller and top seller list and product finder, etc. you have to pay 15 € per month.

Keepa Features

As mentioned, keepa offers several tools and features. We have listed those below, along with their details.

Price Drop Notifications

As a buyer, you always wish to buy products at the cheapest prices, right? But since you are human, it is very likely that you miss out on sales and other offers as it is not possible to track the product all the time.

To help you buy the products at your desired price, keepa has designed the price drop feature which alerts you whenever the product’s price drops below a certain value set by you. What’s more, it also sends notifications if your favorite item is back in stock. No wonder it is used by so many amazon buyers. The best thing about this feature is that you don’t need to register to use it.

Product Price History

Since keepa is available as an extension, it shows data while you are browsing on Amazon. Once you have installed the extension, you will see the price history charts automatically on the product’s page. You can change the duration and set it to weeks and months or you can even see the full product history.

It also shows the sales rank. This tool lets buyers and sellers analyze the product in detail.

Top Selling Products

Through this tool, you can view a list of the best selling categories and products on Amazon based on their sales and reviews, etc. This is a very useful feature as it helps the sellers in deciding which products should they invest in.


Keepa also shows the best deals daily based on the price drops. It is another amazing feature for buyers.

Final Thoughts

Keepa is undoubtedly a great tool for both Amazon buyers and sellers that offers a great variety of useful features.


Is Keepa free?

Keepa once used to be free but not anymore. To use the advanced tools and functions you have to subscribe to a monthly package.

Does Keepa have an app?

It is only available as an extension for popular browsers such as Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, etc.

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