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As an Amazon seller, you are bound to face a very tough competition. So you need to use all the tools that can help you find the products that are profitable and have low competition. Amazon product research and finder tools scans the amazon product database and show you the products that have high demands and profit margins.

Best Paid Amazon Product Research Tools

Below, we have listed the best paid best amazon tools along with their features and prices.

1. IO Scout

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IoScout is a very efficient amazon product research tool that analyzes millions of amazon products to show you the most accurate results. You can also bookmark the products and see their exact data which is updated every hour.

IoScout offers three pricing planes namely start-up, seller and business. They cost $29, $49 and $69 per month respectively.

Link to the product research tool:

2. Helium 10

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Helium 10 is a very powerful Amazon product research software as it performs amazon product analysis of around 450 million Amazon products and based on their data displays the most profitable products.

Helium 10 offers a free plan with limited features. The platinum and Diamond packages cost $97 and $197 respectively, whereas the Elite package is available at $397.

3. Unicorn Smasher

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This amazon product finder software helps the sellers with amazon product search by estimating sales and revenues of products. It also provides bestseller ranks, reviews, prices and much more. Not to mention, it gives the opportunity score as well.

4. Jungle Scout Product Research Amazon

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Jungle Scout offers a lot of features to Amazon sellers including the amazon product finder. This tool scans the entire Amazon market to bring you the products that have the highest demands and potential to earn huge profits. It also lets you keep an eye on your competitors by revealing their daily sales and much more.

Jungle Scout chrome extension is also available. It is considered as best amazon product research tool by many.

Jungle Scout comes with three packages that cost $39, $49 and $69 per month.

5. Amzscout

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Amzscout amazon fba product research tool lets the seller find the perfect product to sell by calculating the estimated revenue of the product. It also shows other important statistics such as average monthly sales, prices, and reviews, etc. This tool costs $44.99 per month.

6. Amztracker

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Amztracker offers three strategies to customers namely offensive, defensive and recon. All these strategies consist of different useful features for Amazon sellers. The basic subscription plan for this tool costs $50/month.

7. Viral Launch

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Viral Launch has all the features that a seller needs to sell successfully on Amazon. From Amazon product research and keyword research to tracking competitors, this tool offers it all. It is one of the most reliable amazon research tools as it uses real-time data to show estimated sales. It also calculates the profits of your products.

Viral Launch subscription plan starts from $50.15 per month.

8. Amzshark

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Amzshark is a reasonable Amazon product research tool that lets you track sales and find the most accurate products to sell. It also includes a keyword explorer.

It offers a free trial for one month after that you have to pay $299 per month

9. Amazooka

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Amazooka is a great tool for Amazon sellers as it is packed with a lot of useful features that can help you increase your product sales. The pricing plan starts from $60/month.

Best Free Amazon Product Research Tools

There are also some free apps available that deliver high-quality results. Below, we have mentioned the best free amazon product research and finder tools.

1. Sonar

best amazon product research tool

Solar lets the seller find the most accurate and relevant keywords so that they can improve their Amazon sales and ranking.

2. AMZ Base

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AMZ is one of the best free Amazon product research tools. It finds the products with high demand and very quickly.

3. Camelcamelcamel

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This tool produces results just as good as any efficient paid product research tool. It lets you track price drop on Amazon and shows price history charts.

4. Google Keyword Planner

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This tool also lets you find the best keywords related to your product.

5. Keepa

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Keepa lets the seller track amazon prices and shows the daily price drops and price history charts.!

Amazon product research tools whether free or paid are great for amazon market research.


How important are Amazon product research tools for sellers?

These tools play a vital role in the success of a product as they tell the sellers which product has the potential to earn high profits. 

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